Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)

Certification Document Standard

MSPO Certification provide a credible sustainable and responsible management, to bring about positive social, environmental and economic impacts, while minimising the negative impacts, particularly on its people and the environment.  

Bureau Veritas Certification (M) Sdn Bhd is recognized as accredited Certification Body that offer Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Certification under Oil Palm Management Certification (OPMC) and Supply Chain Certification (SCCS). Our Malaysian MSPO OPMC scheme is accredited since 20 April 2017, While MSPO SCCS scheme is accredited since 19 April 2019. Bureau Veritas Certification (M) Sdn Bhd MSPO accreditation status and scope can be verified here

Our MSPO accreditation scope and standard are covering as follows:

- MS 2530-2:2013 - General principles for independent smallholders

- MS 2530-3:2013 - General principles for oil palm plantations and organized smallholders

- MS 2530-4:2013 - General principles for palm oil mills

- MSPO-SCCS-01 - MSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (MSPO SCCS)

Kindly find the specific documents designed by Bureau Veritas Certification for MSPO certification scheme



For details information related to MSPO certification documents, specific procedures and latest updates related to MSPO OPMC and MSPO SCCS certification scheme; these information can be obtained through MPOCC website



As an accredited Certification Body with in depth knowledge of MSPO certification and sufficient pool of resources, we have certify numbers of clients which have demonstrated compliance towards MSPO OPMC and MSPO SCCS certification. The awarded certificate from Bureau Veritas Certification (M) Sdn Bhd is a symbol of your company’s commitment to sustainable activities recognized throughout the world.

List of our MSPO OPMC and MSPO SCCS certified clients and their certification status can be found here


Bureau Veritas makes it a priority to address all complaints thoroughly and promptly. Alternatively, you can submit complaints directly to Bureau Veritas Certification via an easy-to-use online form or by e-mail. We have a special process for handling certification decision appeals and information requests.