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Bureau Veritas Group’s Marine & Offshore division aims to shape a better maritime world through ship classification and offshore safety and verification

About Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

BV Marine & Offshore is one of the world’s leading classification societies, with a network of experts that spreads around the globe. Over 190 years ago, Bureau Veritas was founded to serve the maritime industry. Since then, our experts have supported the marine and offshore industries through each evolutionary stage.

For marine clients, our expertise covers every vessel type and our classed fleet stands at over 11,500 vessels. For offshore energy operators, we combine classification with certification and verification services for all types of structures and equipment.

Our three pillars of support to the maritime industry:

  • Upholding safety as an absolute value and reducing risk onboard for passengers and crews
  • Reducing environmental impacts and advancing decarbonization
  • Improving asset performance through design optimization

Our experts develop Rules, Rule Notes and Guidance Notes based on a profound understanding of the challenges faced by our clients. Through these Rules we provide the maritime industry with practical guidelines to comply with regulations and achieve decarbonization, digitalization and safety.

Bureau Veritas experts combine engineering expertise with years of hands-on maritime experience. They are therefore able to ensure our Rules contain the specific notations that are most relevant to industry needs, and to develop the tools that help them track and manage their compliance. We are guided by our mission: to shape a better maritime world.

United with our maritime clients

The whole Marine & Offshore team shares our clients’ motivation build a safer, high-performing, more sustainable and more digitalized industry. We believe that people will power the maritime industry’s transformation – be they our own surveyors and experts, seafarers, asset owners or manufacturers. We support collaboration through long-lasting relationships with our clients and industry stakeholders to secure the best outcomes for the industry and the environment.

By your side

Our industry proximity enables us to develop practical tools and guidelines for navigating the energy and digital transitions and running a safe business.

Pioneers of safety and performance

We support innovative projects around the world, providing interim guidance where regulation is missing to support safe progress , issuing Approvals in Principle (AiP) and participating in Joint Development projects (JDP).

Flexible without compromise

Our Rules and guidelines are developed in partnership with stakeholders to ensure real-world applicability, without compromising on compliance and safety.

We understand that our clients will all begin their digitalization and decarbonization journeys from different points, with different needs and resources, and progress at different speeds. With pragmatism and extensive experience of the maritime, energy and digital technology sectors, we can guide each individual case on its own terms.

Bureau Veritas’ marine services

As one of the leading ship classification societies, we help guide our clients to comply with regulations and achieve high standards of performance, sustainability and safety. In recent years, this has meant supporting their fleets in decarbonizing and navigating the energy transition. To do this, we have developed a series of Rules to support the use of alternative fuels (e.g., biofuels, methanol and ammonia) and propulsion methods.

11,530 ships in BV classed fleet

#1 Class society by number of ships

70 years of experience in LNGCs

Our marine services include:

  • Classification, with Rules, specific performance notations and guidelines covering all types of ship and operating conditions.
  • Statutory certification, with a network of 180 survey centers and experience in remote inspection techniques to offer a full suite of auditing and certification services.
  • Certification of materials and equipment, with profound knowledge of international and regional regulations, supply chains and Rules to provide a wide range of certification programs.

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Bureau Veritas’ offshore services

Our experts have pioneered safety and performance in verifying offshore energy assets. We are by our clients’ side through their energy transition; whether leveraging data to reduce their carbon footprint, or guiding the next generation of marine renewable energy (MRE) installations.

#1 in FSRUs

200+ floating units

30+ years of experience

Our offshore services include:

  • Classification, with dedicated notations and Rules for FSRUs, FPSOs, FSUs, and all types of fixed or floating asset, and a global network of expert surveyors.
  • IVB+ Class, combining our independent verification body (IVB) status with our class services to ensure high asset integrity and low risk.
  • Certification, with compliance attestation, type approval and certification for all kinds of offshore facilities and equipment, including offshore platforms, drilling rigs, FPSOs, FLNGs and MRE installations.
  • Energy transition services, with dedicated certification solutions and guidelines for the MRE industry covering floating offshore wind, current and tidal turbines.
  • Digitally enhanced TIC services, with remote inspection and verification services to reduce your carbon footprint, risk and costs.

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The maritime world is evolving, and classification is evolving in parallel to support it. In his book, Shaping a Better Maritime World, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore President Matthieu de Tugny sets out his vision for the future of maritime. 

Explore a better maritime world and download the book