Bureau Veritas supports building and infrastructure asset owners to optimize operating expenses, increasing safety performance and monitoring maintenance activities.


The buildings and infrastructure market is facing dual challenges. A booming global population, particularly in cities, has created long-term demand for safe, high-quality, reliable buildings and infrastructure. Meanwhile, unprecedented ecological challenges and the aging of assets are adding pressure to ensure projects are sustainable, generate limited emissions, and well maintained.

To meet these challenges, you must be ready to ensure the safety, quality and performance of assets throughout their lifecycle. Equally, government authorities must reduce risk and improve the efficiency of public projects.


We help clients optimize the level of service of your buildings and infrastructure assets, while ensuring safety, quality and performance.

  • Facilities management: Once building facilities are operational, Bureau Veritas helps you optimize operation costs and minimize expenses. We provide safety expertise (fire, electrical, hazardous materials, etc.), as well as auditing, monitoring, compliance and program rollout services to keep facilities running safely and efficiently.
  • Asset management and maintenance: Optimizing operation costs and performing regular maintenance for complex assets requires specific know-how. Bureau Veritas supports you with a full suite of services, including asset management planning, performance assessments, asset inspections, maintenance supervision, and structural health monitoring. We further offer compliance audits, technical assistance and due diligence for technical, environmental, carbon and energy projects.
  • Supporting all types of infrastructure: We provide support in optimizing maintenance and increasing the safety for all types of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, railways and hydraulics. Our expertise enables us to work on projects throughout the maintenance value chain, from first visual inspection to asset management strategy and structure health monitoring

Bureau Veritas has developed digitalized and data-driven services that improve project development and operation, helping reduce OPEX costs:

  • Bureau Veritas offers data-driven structural integrity for infrastructure with specialized IT partners. Our structural health monitoring solution improves safety, increases longevity and optimizes maintenance. By using diagnostic and monitoring technologies, we can monitor changes to infrastructure in real time, determining when inspections or maintenance are required.
  • We leverage drones and sensors to offer remote inspections and data collection that can minimize maintenance and inspection costs.