IPC corporate et local




Industrial product certification enables manufacturers to access local and international markets, thus providing a "passport" for their products.

Our Industrial Product Certification services help clients properly assess their products according to safety, quality and environmental standards, thus certifying them for entry onto markets around the world.



You face several challenges:

  • Understand all applicable regulations (safety, quality, environmental) where your product will be in use
  • Conduct thorough product evaluation against technical standards, directives and regulations
  • Clarify any actions required to achieve compliance (design review, test witnessing, inspection)
  • Gain access to new markets for your products through local and global certification programs

For over 100 years, manufacturers have trusted us for full compliance support in industrial product certification market. Our goal: to help you navigate the complex terrain of industrial product certification, enabling you to bring your products to market at home and abroad.


Our technical experts provide certification of products for a wide range of equipment. We help you assure conformity not only for your traditional products, but for “smart” Industry X.0 products and those produced using cutting-edge techniques such as additive manufacturing.

Ensure market access

  • We understand and clarify complex regulations in your target markets, both domestic and international.
  • We assess compliance and certify your industrial products for export around the world.
  • We certify your personnel, enabling you to show your people’s skills are evolving with new industry trends.

Compliance for today and tomorrow

  • We apply our global certification capacity to help you secure today’s markets and prepare for tomorrow’s.
  • We are at the leading edge of Industry X.0, providing certification for new, products and manufacturing techniques.
  • We facilitate more agile supply chains with the certification of products made with new, advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing.

Global network and expertise

  • We provide our expertise globally, with product certification experts on the ground in 140 countries.
  • We have one of the world’s largest portfolios of accreditations and notifications.
  • We provide highly specialized knowledge for a very wide range of product categories and national regulations.
  • We bring 100+ years of experience, making us one of the world’s most longstanding compliance partners.

Approved for UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA)

UKCA is the new marking developed following the UK’s departure from the EU. It is required on certain products sold in England, Wales and Scotland (excluding Northern Ireland). The purpose of the new marking is to confirm that the product meets requirements in force. The UKCA marking will be applied to most products that currently require the CE mark to be placed on the UK market.

Bureau Veritas is already working with manufacturers whose products are destined for England, Wales and Scotland, and we are ready to help others achieve the UKCA marking.

For more information about UKCA, contact us.