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You are informed that the company Bureau Veritas ("Bureau Veritas", "we", "us") uses cookies and other tracking devices on the site (the "Site").

These cookies are likely to be installed on your device, subject to the choices and options you have selected or may select at any time, in accordance with this policy.

In the interest of providing information and transparency, Bureau Veritas has defined this policy to allow you to learn more about:

  • The origins and purpose of the information processed when you browse the Site; 
  • Your rights with respect to cookies and other tracking devices used by Bureau Veritas. 


A "cookie" is a string of information, usually small and identified by name, that can be sent to your browser by a website you connect to. Your web browser will store this information for a certain period of time, and will send it back to the web server each time you reconnect to it.

Cookies have multiple uses: they can be used to memorize your customer identification details for a merchant site or the current contents of your shopping basket, as an identifier to allow you to trace your navigation for statistical or advertising purposes, etc.

Purpose of the cookies Description
Cookies are strictly necessary to facilitate the navigation on the Site

These cookies have in particular vocation to:

·         manage the authentication of Internet users and associated security, and ensure the proper functioning of the authentication module;

·         optimize the user experience and facilitate navigation, in particular by determining "technical routes" of navigation;

·         retain the information according to which the Internet user has seen the "cookies" information banner displayed and has continued to browse, thus allowing the insertion of cookies on his terminal;

·         implement security measures (e. g. when you are asked to re-login to a content or service after a certain period of time, or to ensure that the Site is functioning properly and that you are using its main technical features such as monitoring performance and navigation errors, managing the user session, etc.).

Cookies of functionalities

These cookies have notably vocation to:

·         adapt the Site to the display preferences of your terminal (language, currency, display resolution, operating system used, configuration and configuration of the display of web pages according to the terminal you are using and its location, etc.);

·         memorize certain information that you enter on the Site in order to facilitate and personalize your next browsing (especially displaying the name and surname of the Internet user identified if he has a user account);

·         allow you to access your personal spaces more quickly by memorizing identifiers or data that you have previously indicated.

Cookies used to track users' use of the Site (audience measurement) These cookies help us understand your interactions with the Site (most visited pages, applications used, etc.); these cookies can be used to compile statistics, or to test different displays in order to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services.
Advertising cookies These cookies have the purpose of (i) offering you, in advertising spaces, relevant targeted content that may interest you (best offers, other destinations,...) on the basis of your interests, browsing, preferences, etc. and (ii) limiting the number of ad appearances.
Affiliation cookies These cookies allow the identification of the third party Internet site of origin having redirected the Internet user to the Site.
Cookies of social networks (placed by third parties) These cookies allow you to share your opinion on the Site and share content on social networks (e. g. "Share" or "I like" application buttons from social networks).

Links to the privacy policies of different cookie-leaving sites:

Bureau Veritas | Google Analytics  | YouTube

The social networking applications present on the Site, as mentioned above, may in some cases allow the corresponding social networks to identify you, even if you have not clicked on the application buttons. This type of button can in fact allow the relevant social network to follow your navigation on the Site, simply because your account on that social network is activated on your device (“open session”) while you browse.

We recommend that you review the policies of these social networks in order to be aware of the purposes and uses, including advertising, of the browsing information they may collect. These policies must allow you to make your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your account uses for each of them.


When you browse the Site, we obtain your express consent prior to the placement of any cookies.

You may at any time be informed of your preferences and modify your choices regarding the acceptance or refusal of cookies saved to your device by clicking on the "Manage Cookies" tab, available at the bottom of every page of the Site.

You are free to accept or refuse individual cookies on a purpose-by-purpose basis, or to accept or refuse them all together.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the setting of cookies is likely to modify the functionalities of the Site and limit its performance.

You can also configure your browser software so that cookies are rejected, either systematically or based on the sender. The configuration of each browser is different. Here are a few examples:

To find out more about the protection of the data we process, click here.