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Apr. 6 2022

Achieving Net Zero – Advancing decarbonization solutions for Asset Managers” is now available for download. It outlines how Bureau Veritas supports the real estate industry can achieve Net Zero focusing on asset construction, management and operations, with the crucial objective to positively impact climate change.

Heavy investment and new innovations are targeting carbon reduction in new-build construction. However, 80% of the buildings standing today will still be around in 2050. This means that a greater emphasis must be put on reducing the daily operational emissions created by high-CO2-emitting properties currently in existence. Asset management companies around the globe must consider net zero strategies that push for highly energy efficient buildings that are fully powered by renewable energy sources and built with low-carbon materials.

In this white paper, you will discover how Bureau Veritas supports its clients in accelerating their transition to Net Zero, relying on its five-step Achieving Net Zero solution, part of the BV Green Line. A focus on Clarity, BV’s new suite of solutions to bring transparency and trust to ESG commitments is also featured.




You will also learn more on the rise of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, the top strategies to achieve Net Zero targets and the three scopes of the GHG Protocol.