BV Thailand and Thai Special Gas Co., Ltd. (TSG) signs Memorandum of Understanding

May. 15 2024

Bureau Veritas Thailand and Thai Special Gas Co., Ltd. (TSG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop and deliver an extensive Industrial Gas Safety Training program to enhance industrial safety focusing on the safe handling, storage and transportation of industrial gases compliant with local regulations and industry standards. 

This significant event was presided over by Udomdej Kongtaveelert, Vice President, BV CIF South East Asia, Wichit Sophitanontrat , Ph.D., Country Chief Executive CIF of BV Thailand, Mr. Chitchai Singkarin, President & CEO of TSG, and Shinichiro Nakano, President of TSG. 
A leading company in gas management, Thai Special Gas Co., Ltd. (TSG) has over 30 years of experience providing gas services to domestic and international industrial customers. As BV Thailand and TSG forge ahead on this collaborative venture, we strive to fortify safety practices and build the foundation for a more secure and resilient future in industrial gas management together.